Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Who does not want to earn some extra money from his/her website? And if you choose Googel Adsense, it’s not going to be difficult for you.

As hundreds  of thousands of publishers are submitting their application every day for adsense, Google has set up some requirements that must be fulfilled if anyone wishes to be approved by adsense. If you can fulfill these under mentioned requirements, I assure you that your application for adsense will be approved quickly.

1.  Create a Privacy Policy for your Website :

It may sound silly, but  you really need to have a privacy policy for getting approved. You must mention what your website is going to do with the information you collect from your audiences. You must ensure them that privacy of their information n. So, how will you make a privacy policy? There are many privacy policy generator tool on the web, just go to one of them, select some criteria and that’s it. Your privacy policy will be created. Then just copy and paste it into your blog.

2.  Create an Informative “About Us/ Me Page”

An about us page tells your audience about you and creates a relationship between you an them. Google highly values this type of relation between audience and author and this proves the authenticity and eagerness of the owner of the blog. So, if you don’t have a about us page in your blog, create that using your photo and some life history and motives of your blog.

3. Make connection through “Contact Us Page”

Google adsense also reviews whether the author is really like to hear from his/her audience or not. For this reason a contact us  page is compulsory for bloggers. It will give a chance to your audience to contact with you and share their feelings and opinion about your writings.It will show that you truly care about your audienc’es opinion regarding your blog.

4.  Use Same Name and Email  Everywhere

When you apply for adsense, make sure that you put  the same name and email address everywhere. Do one thing, place your name and email address  in a suitable visible area of your blog. It will show that you are the same person who have applied for Google adsense application.

5.   Your Age

Google adsense will not make a deal with a minor. You need to be at least 18 years old at the time of applying for adsense. So, mention your age properly, don’t make a mistake there! It’s  the most important one

6.  Produce a Good Number of Quality Articles

Many a time people  ask me about the  number of posts required to apply for Google adsense. I have seen many blogs  with over hundreds of posts not getting approved . But you will find  new blogs with a few posts getting approved now a days. Really, the number of posts required is not known to anyone. You will not find a good answer to this question. In this case quality articles do matter. My advice will be, produce 40-50 quality article, and then apply for Google adsense. When you create articles, make sure that the length of  Each of those must be more than 600 words. 

7. Appearance Does Matter!

Don’t think that Adesense team will  only look for contents, they will also judge your blogs appearance. When audience come to visit a site, the first thing they notice is the blog’s design. If it is not good , they might not stay there. So, make a good looking design for your blog. It will also help you getting approved foe adsense.

8. Content Type

Google is strict in terms of contents that violates their policy. Google will not approve any site which involves in  publishing copy right violated posts, pornography, illegal products. If your site is not in English you can’t apply for adsense as well.  So, remember these things and be careful about your content type.


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