Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Want to set up a blog that generates money? Don't know how to do all these stuffs?
Require help doing all these things? I recommend you to bookmark this blog as you will need to come here again and again! It's is pretty easy to be successful if you move ahead with a proven formula. The plan is pretty simple. Write about something that you love about!

Yeah, that’s the secret formula of all bloggers who succeeded in this profession. They were passionate about something, liked that very much and wrote unique contents about that topic.Just think like this way, in your life you have performed well on those things that you really care about and willing to do again and again.

This is the first and foremost need for starting a profitable niche blog. I will cover other necessary things on topic selection later on this post. Here I present 6 important steps that you must go through for starting a blog. Ready? Let, set go!!!

Step:1 Choose a Website Hosting

Without hosting, you can’t operate your web business properly. You need to acquire a domain name and hosting account to publish your blog. I would like to suggest “Bluehost” for webhosting. It will come up with a free domain (the name you choose for you blog….such as www.yourname.com)Alternatively you can do another thing, getting a webhost or domain name will cost you some money, but it is more preferable because of being a paid service.

There are many blogging platforms who will give you domain and hosting for absolutely free. They won’t charge you anything. Google and Wordpress are two giant free blogging platforms for new bloggers who don’t want to spend any money.When you select any free blogging software, your domain will carry specific words of that software.

Such as, if you select Google’s blogging platform, your domain name will carry www.yourname.blogspot.com, the wordpress free blogs will carry www. yourname.wordpress.com.The choice is yours, what you will do, but most of the bloggers prefer buying webhosting and a unique domain name for their blogs.

Step-2: Select a Topic for Your Blog

Choosing a topic may seem very easy to you,but take my word, it isn’t. It requires special consideration. Blogging is a new trend of modern business. The formula of business always remains constant: offer something of value to your customer so that he/she will come again and again to you for that product or service.

     When you choose a topic you should consider the following strategies

1.   Find out your liking,  what you love most and know better. What things you enjoy     most that make you comfortable

2.   Do you have enough knowledge on those topics to convey to others? Can you help others with your knowledge on those topics? Try to figure out

3.    Is there enough demand on those topics? What is the market demand of those topics? If there is enough, you should go ahead with the topic

I have told earlier, this is not an easy process, it needs serious consideration. It involves both you and your audience’s preference. Fortunately, there are many research tools that will tell you about the market demand. You just have to select a topic with great demand so that you can serve a great number of audiences with your product or service. I will discuss about some of these research tools on my other posts.

Step 3: Purchase a Domain and Set up Your Blogging Software
After you have a good idea on the topic that you want to write about, the next important thing you need to do is purchasing a good domain for your blog. You will also have by the web hosting that you have chosen in step -1. Lastly, you have to set up blogging software to operate your blog business. In this part, you will accomplish the following things

1.    Buy a domain (various websites offer, such as ( From www.godaddy.com)

2.    Buy a Web hosting service (From www.bluehost.com)

3.    Set up a blogging software such as Wordpress (www.wordpress.com)

These are technical jobs, you can do it yourself if you want or you can hire technicians .My blog has enough materials that will help you do these staffs by yourself. Once you have completed domain registration and hosting, it is time set up blogging software to operate your blog.I strongly recommend you to use wordpress because of its features, various advantages and ease of operation. It is the most popular content management system at this moment. I have a post regarding setting up a wordpress blog. I recommend you to read that post.

Step-4: Write Great Unique Contents for Your Audience

Want the audience come again and again to your blog? Want them to love your blog?Want them to buy your product and service?But why would they do that?The simple answer that I can give you is “for your awesome, great, unique and helpful content that meets their desire”

You need to identify what people are looking for, what they want, what they consider important for them. After that find out how can you serve them with great contents. Take a deep breath, spent one month for writing great contents for your audience; make them more comfortable with new unique contents.
You have 2 objectives here

1.   Make your blog full with great unique valuable contents. Audience would come again and again for that reason

2.   Provide some kind of bonus services such as publishing a free PDF book on your  niche, inviting them to email newsletter, these options work better

In the first couple of months try to write contents regularly, give  time to write one article every day, that will help you on the long run. After that, you can try the bonus services as well.

Step 5: Increase Your Audience Number

A well written blog article will certainly help your audience but your audience must know that you have something to offer for them. If they don’t know about your blog, how they are going to come? In this part, our motive will be driving more and more traffic so that your blog can have maximum number of audience each day.

This process can be either done by you or others, you can also do it without any cost, you just need to spend some time and energy, that’s it. Otherwise you can involve other people to do these jobs. I recommend you to imply both for a better and long lasting result.

But you must be careful while selecting techniques that work. Don’t waste your valuable time on those techniques that don’t work at all. Observe the techniques that work and give more and more time on those and keep doing that.

Of course don’t forget to use an analytical service provider such as Google analytics to measure the success of the techniques. You can easily understand which techniques work or which don’t. It will determine your long term strategy for driving traffic to your blog

Step 6: Monetize Your Blog

Now a days, the main objective of making a blog is to make money, often it becomes difficult for us .But if we can use right techniques with proper timing, success is pretty easy to achieve. There are different ways in which you can make money from your blog, different money making options for your blog are

1.    Advertising on your blog
2.    Working as an affiliate marketer
3.    Selling your own developed product
4.    Writing guest posts for other blogs

It is very easy to start your blog earning from advertisement. There are different advertising services that want your blog space for showing their ads. In most cases, you will be paid by the number of clicks that your audience make while visiting your blog. The most reliable of these are Google AdSense. I would like to recommend you to read the Google AdSense page to know further.
You can also earn money from affiliate program. They ask you to sell their product through your blog and you will have a commission on each sale you make for them. It has been proven as a successful method of money making over the years.

By the time, you can develop your own product and sell them on your blog.  It is the best money making option for any blog or website. If you look around, the websites are generating profits from selling their own products. But that requires a great number of loyal audience who will comply whatever you say.

When you apply different money making methods, try to go in this order. I think this is the best order of money making methods available for your blog. You can also combine the methods for a better result.