Monday, April 14, 2014

Blogger is the official blogging platform of Google. It has become one of the most popular platforms due to its numerous benefits provided to the bloggers, especially newbies to this world. The greatest advantage of blogger is it’s completely free. Yeah, Blogger won’t charge a penny to host your blog. Even if you earn from your blog, you are not required to pay commission for it. And the another advantage is you will be dealing with Google when you set up a blog in blogger. And Google means simply  the Best!

Google is not only giving you the opportunity to contribute to the blogging community, it is also providing you the opportunity to earn some extra amount of money from your blog. Yeah, you can earn a good amount of money from your blog by publishing ads on it. You can apply for Google adsense or other ad services such as chitika  to show ads on your blog. You can even work as an affiliate marketer and sell products using your blogger blog. Google will provide you every monetary option availaible in the internet if you wish to use this blogging platform.The main competitor of Blogger is Wordpress. Wordpress also provides free blogging platform like blogger but it won’t allow you to show ads on it. It also restricts other monetization options for your blog. That means you you are not allowed to earn money if you use wordpress. If you are a new blogger and don’t want to spend single penny but want to earn , friends Blogger is the best option for you.

 How to Set up Your New Google Blogger Blog
If you want to set up a  free blogger blog, you need to open a Gmail account. After opening the gmail account Just go to Blogger will ask you to enter a gmail account and it’s password. Just provide those information and hit sign in. Then you will see “Display Name”. It’s the name of your blog. Such as mine is “Sonia Rahaman”. The name of the blogs will be Sonia Rahaman’s blogs. Just give a name and enter continue.
Here is how you set up your first blogger :
1.  Hit this button “Create A New Blog”
2.  In the space of Title try to give a suitable title that matches your blogs name. If your blog is about cooking , you can give a title like “ Cooking Made Easy”. If your blog is about beauty tips, you can give a title like “Women’s Beauty World”.
3.  Then in the space of Address enter  an url address  in which you want to show your blog. Such as “” or You can enter any address you want but the host will check the availability of that address. If it is available, you can use that otherwise the host will suggest you different url. And the word “Blogspot” will always be attached with the url because you are using a subdomain.
4.   Choose a template for your blog. There are several designs available, just pick one of them. It will work as layout of your blog. If you don’t like these templates, no problem at all. You can change it later. There are numerous third party template available in the internet. You can use those templates as well.

5.   Ok, that’s it. You have just created a free blogger blog in only five minutes. Now it’s time to post something. Go to New post. Enter the title of your post and then create the post. It’s so easy. You don’t need to know any html, css coding for publishing your post. Just type! Nothing else. If you want to insert any picture, video you can do that easily with the upper buttons beside “compose”. After you finish your post, click “publish”. Then the post will be published on your blog. If you want to look ho how the post looks, click “view blog”.

 I’m currently using blogger platform for a long time. I can express my experience with just one word” Awesooome”. Blogger is truly a flexible, easy and the most comfortable blogging platform you can ever have. So, when are you creating your blogger blog, huh?


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