Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Since Google AdSense came to existence  the applying procedure has changed quite dramatically. At the beginning it was very easy to apply for AdSense. There were little requirements and publishers were getting approved frequently. But today, it’s really getting hard to get approved because of the requirements  that AdSense asks you to fulfill. But, don’t panic. It’s not  so difficult. If you can apply cautiously and fulfill  AdSense’s requirements appropriately, you will be approved within a short time. This post will describe all the techniques that will help you get AdSense  approval.

Not Everyone Gets Approval on AdSense!

 You can’t expect everyone getting approved on AdSense. You will find  people saying that they fulfilled every requirement of AdSense and still not getting approved.  Some of them have applied for several times but still not getting approved. To me, they are missing some basic requirements that are sometimes implicit. This post also describes those implicit requirements along with the approval procedure of Google AdSense.

The 5 Steps for Getting Approval

These 5 steps are your key to getting approved, don’t only read these steps, but  also try to follow everything mentioned on these steps.

1. Build  an Informative, Helpful, Valuable and Good Looking Website

When Google AdSense reviews your application they want to know  whether you have a quality website/blog that can offer value to others. How a website/blog offers value to its audience? It’s simple! By providing information and helpful services that the audience is looking for. So, a quality site loaded with tons of articles and other resources have the greatest chance to get approval.

 I’m pretty sure many of them who applied for Adsense and  failed had low quality site with copied articles from the web which is against the policy of google. Google wants unique, quality articles in your site. So, increase your chances of getting approval by making a quality site before you apply. Your site must also have  a good number of quality post each with not less than 600 words. Besides,  you must have privacy policy, contact us page on your site.   To give a final touch, use nice looking themes for your blog, design a  unique logo for it. I would recommend you to use premium themes if possible, but you can also use free themes available on the web. Good appearances also matter while reviewing your application

2. Apply to Google AdSense Online

Go to Google AdSense’s web address  to apply for the program. You will be asked to fill up some information regarding your website ( The one for which you are applying), your name, email address and phone number. This will take a few minutes to fill up. Remember one thing, the name you provide here must be same with the name provided in your bank account.  Be careful about the information you provide, you can’t afford a mistake here. These information will be required later for verification

2.           Get  Approval and Then Start Placing Ads On Your Site

After Google Reviews  your application  it will send you an email describing whether are are approved or not. It will come within one or two days. If you are approved, AdSense will describe how to place ads on your site and other things needed for  that account. You  can check your clicks and the revenues collected from the dashboards. If you wish to add another website to AdSense, you don’t need to apply for it separately, you can apply from this existing account.

4. Verification

Before the first payment, you need to verify some information to AdSense. AdSense Will send you a verification number which is called  PIN ( Personal Identification Number). You need to provide that number to your AdSense account. Then your account will be fully verified. After that you can start receiving money from adsense. But the minimum amount for withdrawal is $100. There are many withdrawal methods. You can use Paypal, Bank account or Wireless transfer systems for withdrawal.


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