Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Interested in monetizing your blog? If the answer is yes, I can surely help you. Now, it’s a fact that blogging has turned out to be a profitable business now a days. You will find plenty of people earning great amount of money only from blogging platform, some of them have become millionaire by this profession .Want to be one of them? – There are many ways, let’s have a look onto some of the ways.

How to Make Money Blogging

This post describes some valuable information for beginners who want to succeed in monetizing their blog. At first – We need to decide what we are trying to achieve. A great number of people are trying to make money from their blogs, but most of them fail at the end. To be honest, a few of them succeed. Please don’t be hurt, but it’s the reality. Definitely you can make money from blogging – but you need to be patient and work hard – it won’t happen overnight

Here I present some of the great ways that will help you generate money from blogging. Before you proceed, you must keep in mind that every blog is different, for this reason the income option varies. For a better result you must experiment with different money making options available for you.
This is the list of some of the great ways to make money from your blog

1.  Google AdSense

Simply the best, easiest way to make money from your blog. Your blog certainly has some place where you can place some ads . It makes you as a publisher. Google looks for this publishers and provides them with ads. When visitors will see the ads, they might click. This click generates incomes for your blog. The more visitors you have, the more success you achieve with Google AdSense. And remember you are doing business with Google, the boss that rules the web.
2Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are another great way to have some money from your blog. In affiliate programs you have to promote products to your audience, and if the sell is made, you will earn a commission from each successful selll. Many bloggers prefer affiliate programs because it is quite easy to earn money from affiliate programs than click ads. In affiliate program you have to promote different types of product such as word press themes, e-books, online coaching programs etc.
3. E-Book Sales

AdSense and Affiliate programs are pretty good earning source but if you want to boost your earning from the blog, selling e-books might be the correct option for you. T Selling e-books online is a great way though the quality of boos will determine how much sell you are going to have. The selling price of each book may not be so high, but when it will add up to more sells made, the profit will be huge. Just think like this way, you set $10 as the price for each e-book. Selling 5 e-books daily will add up $1500 in a month.       
5. Private Ad Sales

Private ad sales are popular way that new bloggers can try with their blogs. Private ad sales are contractual. Selling specific space of the blog for a certain time you earn a big amount of money. Sponsors will contact with you if they find out that your blog has a good number of visitors. You don’t need to wait for ad clicks. Sponsors will pay you for showing their ads on your blog. That is a quite easy one, as many popular blogs are running many private ads on their blogs, I will surely recommend you to experiment this

6. Chitika

Chitika is recently performing very well in product related blogs. Chitika is a good competitor of Google on pay per click program. It has some special features that distinguish Chitika from others. Certainly, Google adsense is the best PPC program out there but chitika is not bad. If you can experiment both  on your blog, it will work pretty well  for you.

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