Friday, January 10, 2014

A few weeks ago I was talking to one of my friends about making his blog more accomplished. I was providing some tips and then I realized these tips are some diamond rules for having successful blogging career. All the successful bloggers have sincerely implemented these blogging fundamentals. I thought I must share these great tips with you. These tips would truly help you become a successful blogger within sometime.
May be you will think that these tips are  old and well known, but believe me, new bloggers don’t want to implement these well known ,easy tips because of idleness. It’s my humble suggestion to all new bloggers that never underestimate these basic blogging rules. These easy but powerful tips can lift your blogging career very quickly.

1. Create a Persuading Author Box
Before I proceed, do you really know what does it mean by author box? You will see a particular box at the end of each article providing some information about the writer. You will find these kinds of boxes in most of the successful blogs. This small box has the potential to drive good traffic for your new blog.
In general, these boxes provide some basic information about the author and the sometime it keeps audiences connected with great features of the blog. Suppose, you have written an Ebook and you want to give it for free to your audiences. So, you can use the link at the end of the author box. This free Ebook will make your audience more loyal. They will come to your blog and look for new features. It will create a firm relationship between you and your audiences.

May be, you will think “I am the only blogger on my blog, my audiences know me, why should I make an author box?’ If you are the only author that does not mean you should not lose the opportunity to be more familiar with your audience. This specific tool will help you make a strong bonding with your audiences, so why not avail it?
2. Tell Stories to Create Interest
If you thoroughly read my articles, you will find that I tend to tell stories of my own and others .By telling that story I can simply draw the attention of my audiences. They become focused and ready to read the full article. It’s a great technique of telling a story and then narrating the result of that. People become motivated hearing those stories. It’s proven when you enjoy, you learn better. Telling a story makes the learning enjoyable .When you tell stories try to be more specific, it will help you gain more response to your blog. Give them the taste of real world experience, they will come again and follow you.
3. Be Precise, Make Your Words Specific
This is one of the fundamental points I often say to new bloggers. Being precise in words will help you gain the most attention and response from your audience. People don’t like speeches where they wait for something to hear and they aren’t getting it. It will make them bored and finally they will stop visiting. So, tell precisely, explain everything that you know and see the response. It would definitely create great impression.
People would be interested if you can precisely say
“I worked on Google keyword tool for 2 days and found these most searched keywords-
·         how to create a blog
·         Create a profitable blog
·         Create a free blog
·         Create a wordpress blog”

But if you had written it in this way, it would not have much attention -
“I worked for hours to search for popular keywords”
The secret is, the more you become precise and specific, the better attention and response you get from your audience. When you present anything with details and explanation it seems to be more proven and provides valuable suggestion what audiences should do. They tend to believe your blog as an important resource house. Providing great value to audience will result in great attention to your blog .Then whatever you ask from your readers, they would love to do that.
4. Produce More “Top List” Posts
There are many methods of producing a quality article. But the most used and influencing method is the “Top List” method. It’s the best writing format ever to my perspective. You will see many of my articles have been written in this format. It’s a popular one on the internet followed by most of the writers.
This format will head a persuasive headline containing the word “Top” at the beginning. It works effectively to catch the attention of the audiences. There is no limit to the numbers that you place after the word “Top”. It may be Top 15 , top 25 or even Top 100. Good examples of top list is
·         “Top 15 most talented footballers ever ”
·         “Top 30 blogs that will inspire you to learn”
·         “Top 40 ways to create free traffic to your blog”

If you are writing about some popular people on the internet in this top list, try to provide their pictures. It will add more interest to your article. Then you can email them about the post. These types of articles need some research but it won’t be hard for you. You will come across some people who won’t agree with your top list, but don’t stop. You can’t satisfy everyone.
5. Narrate As If You Are Speaking to Your Friend

You might have many audiences in your blog, but when you compose an article, think like you are talking to your friend and providing him some valuable tips. It’s because one person at a time visits your blog. So, you should create articles that show you are talking with one individual only.
To make this technique more effective, you can use 2nd person words (you) frequently. It will show that you are delivering a one to one speech.
After learning this technique I implemented it in my every post. The results were amazing! I strongly recommend you to use that to create loyal audiences.
6. Provide Immediate Response to Comments

Responding to your audience’s comment can build a strong author-audience relationship. These comments can take many forms. Some will thank you for writing a helpful post; others will give their opinion, ask for suggestion and lastly leave a question for you. In all cases, you need to respond promptly to show how much serious and careful you are for your blog’s audiences.
 A comment that is responded quickly will create more enthusiasm for your readers’ to come back to your blog.  Comments left on your articles, especially the solid comments with questions or feedback, should be responded to as soon as possible. This shows that you care about the person who was interested enough in your article to leave a comment and are listening to what they have to say.
7. Be Sincere in Creating Quality Articles
The last and foremost tip that I always give is create at least one pillar article a day. Be consistent, this is the thing that matters most. You may be tired of hearing the phrase “Content is the king”. It’s a universal truth you can’t ignore. But you need to be consistent with your quality articles. Don’t be irregular in posting. Try to post every day. That makes your blog more active and adds value every time your audiences visit your blog.
Make this habit and you are going to have a successful blogging journey. I found many bloggers complaining about their blogging failures, but they don’t even think that are they providing enough value to their blogs? Are they sincere about content production? The trick is simple, the more you become consistent, the more success you achieve.
Implement these 7 tips; you will never need to look back.


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