Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Amazon’s affiliate program is one of the oldest affiliate programs on the web. It’s  easy and the most trustworthy one at present.  To be honest, the commission you receive for each sale you make is pretty low. It’s about 4-10 percent on average and depends on the  increase in the number of sales. But you can earn a good amount of money from  amazon if you implement certain tips regarding promoting the products.  The more sale you make, the higher commission you achieve.

Joining  Amazon's Affiliate Program

Here is the link that will direct you to Amazon’s Affiliate Program. You will see a sign up page when you click it. Just give some information and submit it. After your application has approved by the authority, you will become an affiliate. Then you can start promoting products on your blog/website.

Why Do Some People Bother Using Amazon’s Affiliate on Their Site?

I have come across many people who don’t  want to be an amazon’s affiliate because the commission rate is ver low. But there is some unique features of amazon, it sells almost everything that you can’t imagine. May be you are selling a product which is not promoted by anyone in the web. You have the higher chance to make a sale

Amazon make a persuasive effort to sell more products whenever a visitor comes from an affiliate link. This increases the chances of your earning more. If you are a regular visitor of Amazon. Com, you have certainly noticed it.

Amazon will show more products to visitors according to their current products.  As a result, the visitors will be spending  much more amount of money than the actual planed amount. It will add up tp your commission as well. So, you see half of the job is done by Amazon. Your earning increases every time you promote any product.

10 Practical Tips to Succeed with Amazon’s Affiliate Program

          Build Huge Traffic

The first think you need  to do is build massive traffic to your blog.  It increases your chances of earning more and thus increases your commission rate as well. Those  sites with few visitors is not going to have much earning at the end of the month. But that does not mean that you can’t use amazon’s affiliate ads with little traffic. Surely, you can; but you will get the best result when you come up with huge  followers to your site.

Create Loyal Relations with Your Audience

Don’t just spend time on building traffic. Give your best to your audiences, talk with them, share and listen to them. Provide value and thus create loyal audiences to your site. A loyal audience will listen to your words if you recommend something to them.  These loyal audiences will visit your site almost everyday.  Whenever you recommend a product they will pay attention to your advice and you get the chance to make a sale.

Produce Relevant Contents

This depends on the sense of the affiliate marketers. They must show ads which are relevant to the contents. Suppose  you are writing a content on tips for buying camera. So, you can place the ads of  Canon camera  between the post. Believe me, it’s too persuasive. You have the greatest chance to make a sale when you show relevant ads with your content. Don’t mess up friends…just be relevant to your content.

          Promote Products that Come Up with Discount

Amazon has a large number of special products  with discount rate up to 30%. These discount rates are eye catching and easy to convince the visitors.  Just look for this kind of product because it has more chances to make sales. Try to mention the discount rate in your article so that you can persuade the audiences to purchase the product.

Use “Buy Now” Button with Review Post

You can use a “Buy Now” button  in every review post you write for any product. You can place it in a suitable place of the post and make it easier  for your audience to purchase the product in a quick manner. Many of the affiliate marketers have used this button and succeeded making more sales. It’s really a helpful technique you can think of  using on your site.


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