Monday, March 31, 2014

Do you want to earn money from Google AdSense?
Here I present your  A-Z   how you can start your online ,earning from Google AdSense. This post will also provide some other information of increasing your present income from Google AdSense, answers to some commonly asked questions by the audiences (such why they can’t succeed with  AdSense

A Brief Introduction with AdSense: What is Google AdSense?
There are many ways to monetize your website; AdSense is the best way to do that. It’s by far the most easy and convenient way to the publishers worldwide.

The source of most of the revenues of comes from the advertisement of other websites on its search engine when somebody searches for anything. This process is maintained and controlled by a Google’s  AdWord program which is a pay per click method  of earning.

The first couple of advertisement on the top and side of Google. Com comes from Adwords and Google earns money when someone clicks those  ads. But you can also earn money from google by displaying similar type of ads on your website. This program is run by  Google adsense. Thousands of independent publishers are earning form AdSense, though the amount you earn might not be huge but it will  quite helpful for you.

Please remember that Google AdSense is not a way to become rich within a month. Those who say it, live in a land of fools. You must be patient with AdSense.

What’s the Maximum Amount of Money I can earn from AdSense?
Whenever an audience clicks an ad  on your website Google receives money and shares a portion of that with you. But Google won’t tell you how much money it’s getting for each ad. Sometimes this can range from cents to 10- 15 dollars for an advertisement.  The more traffic you have, the more success you can have with AdSense.

 If you choose a very demandable topic for your blog, the payment will be higher for each click. For example, “beauty tips” is one of the most search words on the web. If you can build a site with this niche and write quality article, you can have high paid ads on to your website. But at the end of the day, the thing most matters is your traffic to the blog. If you can’t generate traffic you can’t make enough money from Google AdSense

Tips for Maximizing Earnings with Google AdSense
These tips will help you a lot to maximize your revenue from Google AdSense.

Create Massive Backlinks for Your Blog
I have mentioned earlier that you are not going to succeed with AdSense if you don’t have enough traffic to your blog. Huge traffic makes it easier to make audience click the ads.
 A research on audience reveals that, if you can have thousand visitors daily to your website you can expect 100 of them to click on to the ads. Though the commission rate may vary for each ad, but you will be earning at a constant rate in every month. So, build enough traffic. You can take the help of the posts on my blog about building traffic. I have mentioned some of the most powerful back linking techniques used on the web. You can also apply these techniques for your own website.

Build Content Rich Niche Website
Traffic will make audience visit your site but if the audience doesn’t find your website helpful, they won’t stay on it. As   a result they will not have the chance to see the ads and click those. So, all your hard work will be nipped in the bud. Take my recommendation, build a site with a demandable niche and write tons of quality articles that can help your audience. If your audience finds those articles helpful on your site, they will visit again. In this way. You will have loyal audience who will generate money for you.

Little Experiments Sometimes Serve Better

When you will set up ads on your blog try to experiment with ads. I mean, you can reposition the ads to see the click rates on different positions. For example, you might be used to show ads on the sidebar of your blog. You can change it and place those ads between the posts. May be the audience can have more focus when the ads appear between the post, thus it can create more clicks for you.

 You can choose from different ads from AdSense. There are text ads, image ads. Most of the adsense publisher choose image ads because it has more attractive power, but in some cases text ads can serve you better. It depends on experiment as well.

You can choose the color of the ads which can match the background of your website theme. It also performs well I guess. These little experiments can serve a better result for your website.


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