Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Once you create your own blog, the first thing comes to your mind is traffic. So, how you are going to create a long lasting traffic system for your blog?

Fundamentals of Blog Traffic

There are two fundamentals of  building traffic .One  is creating pillar contents and the other is marketing that content .These two are the foundations of successful blogging.  Marketing the contents is simply creating communication channels relating to others.

 If you don’t know about pillar content, you can read my article on pillar content. A pillar is tries to teach you something in a tutorial way. It’s the most popular content form on the web. In my blog, you will find almost every post as a pillar. In fact, the post you are reading right now is a pillar content. Pillar content is the reason for what audience will come to your blog again and again.

Marketing ( communication channels) are the way to make people read your pillar content. It’s simply making more and more audience come to your blog. It does not matter how good writer you are , if the audience don’t know about your blog, how can you expect  people to come  to read your post? Success in blogging comes only if you can combine these two fundamentals.

So, The Equation Somewhat Looks Like This

Pillar content+ Effective Marketing (communication channels) = Huge traffic

The reason for the failure of most of the bloggers lies within the equation.  To be honest, most of the bloggers don’t even know how to market their contents. Pillar contents will do half of the job, but if the marketing tactics  aren’t good, nothing is going to  work for you.

Let’s see how we can implement marketing fundamentals for creating traffic to our blog.

After you have a good number of pillar posts in your blog, the next step is to market the pillar contents. There are numerous tactics you can use for marketing but you must find out the most effective ones.  Here, the more time you give, the better result you get. Some techniques will require only few minutes, the reward will also be small.  Powerful techniques require more energy and time and provides more success. It’s you get what you pay for.

The Small Marketing Channels Are

1  .    Commenting in others blog
2  .    Forum marketing
3  .    Article marketing
4  .    Directory submission
5  .    Social bookmarking

The   Large Marketing Channels Are

1  .    Facebook, twitter, Google Plus, Tumblr, Pinterst
2  .    Reddit, Digg
3  .    Your blog in a famous news letter
4  .    Blog with large number of audience linking to your blog

Small channels such as commenting in others blog, posting in forums , submitting your article in different directories and blog carnivals. These channels  will provide you with few traffic. For most of the bloggers, these channels don’t provide significant result. But that does not mean that you should not use these small channels. These are baby steps towards the large communication channels. It works like a ladder. So, never underestimate these small channels.

Smaller Channels Are first Steps to Larger Ones

Everyday invest  some of your time on smaller channels. Just go to some of the popular blogs, read their articles and try to create value by posting a good relevant comment. Just don’t finish it here. Make yourself introduced with others who are also  commenting on the post. Be familiar. Eventually they will know about your blog and tell others . You can apply the same technique to forum posting  as well. You never know ,the people who will be introduced to you might have a huge number of audience. He/she can refer your blog link to others by mentioning your name in their blogs. These smaller techniques work slowly, but you will certainly get something valuable for your blog.

 It’s Time to Think Big!

Once you have a good number of audience (300-400) , it’s time to move on to larger communication channels. Larger channels are almost based on social media. Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr are some of the Biggest social networking sites on the web. People spend most of their online time on these networks. This is your chance to attract more audience to your blog.

Start promoting your blog through these channels. Don’t rush and post links every now and then. Provide value. Listen to your followers, ask them questions, appreciate their opinions and try to solve their problems through your blog posts. There are different techniques for each social media. Things that will work for facebook might not work Twitter or Google Plus. Know the differences, implement these. Work consistently, one day  you will get a flood of traffic for sure!


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