Friday, April 18, 2014

Undoubtedly, creating a blog is the most popular way to secure a platform in the web industry. You can build a blog using various blogging softwares. Some of them are free such as blogger, etc. But you will get the most benefit from the self hosted wordpress blog. Those who don’t know the difference between a wordpress and self hosted wordpress , here is a quick review.

What's The Diffrernces Between Free Blog and Self Hosted Worpress Blog? blogs are free and are subdomains of the main software. You can create a blog whenever you want but you can not have the full domain. The domain will look like this You can use limited services such as plugins , themes and you are not allowed to monetize your blog.

In self hosted wordpress you will get every benefit from the blogging platform. You can use your unique domain (, you can use unlimited plugins, themes from and you can monetize your blog too.Most of the bloggers choose self hosted wordpress because of its wide range of services and ease of control. I highly recommend you to do so.

So, let’s open a blog on self hosted wordpress within 10 minutes!

The Things That We Need to Open  a Self-hosted Wordpress Blog are

1.    A Domain  Name
2.    You Credit Card Number
3.    And Ten Minutes Only

Set Up Your Hosting Account

Before we proceed we need to open our hosting account. Hosting means the place where you will install your  blogging software. It’s the place to keep your blog alive. There are many blog hosting services. But the most reliable service provider is Most of the professional bloggers use bluehost and it has money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with its service.It’s quite inexpensive compared to other hosting services.

So, type In the url bar. In the section "I need a domain" , enter the domain name you want to set for your blog. Hit the next button. Bluehost will check the availability of the domain. If it is available, it will show “the domain is available”. If it is not, it will suggest other domain or you can enter another.

Fill Up The Credit Card Information

Then fill up the credit card information to pay for the hosting service. You have to pay for advance obviously. There are different packages designed to different using period. The longer period of time you choose, the cheapest service cost you will get. Select the package you want to deal with and confirm that you have read bluehost’s terms of services. Then hit the next button. Then it will take time to verify your billing information. After within a second, you will be notified “congratulations”. Then choose a password for your account. Be careful when you create password. Try to make password that is really hard to guess and has a mix of numbers, letters and symbols. You can use password generator to generate a rough and tough password and copy paste that into the password section

Login To Your Hosting Account and Install Wordpress

Now it’s time to login to your account. Bluehost will automatically insert your domain name, if it is not inserted, just type it and provide the password you have just created. Click login. Then you will be at the welcome screen. Don’t  panic! There are a lot of buttons, look for “Website Bulilders”. Click wordpress. It will take some time. Then you will see Install wordpress screen and click “start”. Select the domain name  and hit “Check Domain”.

It will come up with an error message  (oops) but don’t panic again. Just select the check box and again hit check domain. Then you will be shown this message “You are almost there”. Hit the “install” button. It will take sometime, you can sing a beautiful song on that moment for passing time!

When the process is finished, bluehost will provide you with url of your blog, url of your login, your  username and password . Take a screenshot of these information and try to keep a back up.

Login to The Dashboard of Your Blog

Then click on the blog’s url. A screen will come up with useramne and password. Enter the information and login. This is the backend of your blog or dash board of your blog. You can control everything of your blog from here. This is it. You have just opened a self hosted wordpress blog within ten minutes. Now it’s time bookmark the page for your convenience to login. And, lastly, create a first post for your blog. Say “Hello Dear!”

You have the privilege to use all the plugins and themes from for free. There are some premium services which will cost you some money, but most of the plugins and themes have high quality. It’s pretty easy to maintain your wordpress blog. You don’t need to know any HTML or CSS coding for your blog. Just download services from and install on your blog. That’s it. This is why wordpress is so popular!


  1. How can I do it on the free wordpress. Just bought a domain name from GoDaddy and can't transfer to Bluehost until after 60days. I need to get blogging in the meantime. Please help!

  2. Bluehost is definitely the best web-hosting provider for any hosting plans you need.