Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Often new bloggers ask me this question. “Which topic should I choose to start my blogging career?” I give them some tips to help them choose the right topic for their blog. This is what I will be giving to you in this post.
To me, this is the most important step where you cannot afford anything wrong. Any mistake in this step can ruin all your efforts and dreams, so you need to be aware when choosing a right topic for your blog.
A wrong topic can destroy everything and when you realize this terrible mistake, may be it will be too late for you to change the direction that you are in.
New bloggers often makes these mistakes when they choose topic for their blog. You should keep in mind these tips I am providing. These are
1.  New bloggers often choose a topic because they see successful bloggers are making a very decent amount of money with that topic. They think “ If they can do it, why can’t I?” Don’t be illogical my friend, blogging success depends on many conditions; choosing the right topic is one of them, but it is not everything. You can obviously follow the successful bloggers, but don’t blindly follow them. Always remember, the factors are different for every blogger’s success.

2.   Choose a topic that you are very passionate about; It will be easier for you to share your passion with others. But if you don’t find enough passionate audience on the topic, it’s worth nothing. So be careful to determine the demand of your blog topic.

3.   Don’t pick a blog topic in which you have very little knowledge and you can’t write enough quality articles because of that.

4.    Don’t make a mess by writing about varieties of topics. It will surely affect your traffic and you will loose focus.
If I Have No Idea At All, What I Need to Do?
5. If you don’t have enough idea on choosing the right topic for your blog, just do this step. Make a list of your favorite things that you enjoy very much. On other words, name some of the topics that you are really passionate about.
It’s really easy to write on that topic that you are really interested in. You know many things on that topic. You can share those things easily with others. You will be able to post frequently. That’s make your blog more active. When you choose something from your favorite topics, you really control everything on your blog.
I believe if you can start your blog with a right topic and work hard on that for a couple of months, you will get enough traffic. When you have a regular traffic you don’t need to worry at all. Money making options will be more available to you then.
So, take my word. Invest a good amount of time to your blog at the very beginning for writing quality articles. The right topic will always help you if you are regular and sincere about that.
I wish a great blogging success for you. Thanks for reading my article.

Sonia Rahaman


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