Sunday, March 9, 2014

Everybody is talking about getting traffic from Facebook, Google plus, Twitter but nobody talks about using Tumblr for generating free traffic.  Tumblr is one of the best traffic generating sites I have ever known. Tumblr lets you create more backlinks than any other social networking site. And it’s very easy dear!

Tumblr works  in the similar way just like Twitter, Google plus, Facebook where you can follow others and they can follow you back. But it’s pretty different from these social networking sites. Tumblr users  tend to post anything they like, may be those things are taboo or strange. 

Tumblr users really don’t care about these facts. You can post almost everything there. But for an internet marketer like me, the thing that most matters is sharing my  niche related pictures. Yeah, that’s the main benefit of using Tumbler. The pictures get more sharing and more exposure than any other social networking sites. No other social networking site can beat Tumblr in  this case. So, I’m going to avail this opportunity and show you how to get massive backlinks from Tumblr.

Step  One

Head over to and create an account there.  It will take only a few seconds.  Just give a username, email address and profile picture. That’s it. For example I have  a blogging site named   “Beauty Blog”. So, the name of my Tumblr will  be “Beauty Blog”. The next thing you need to  do is leave your account for a day. Why? I won’t tell you why but it really works!   Just take my word, sometimes   these strange things work well.

Step Two

Step two starts with logging into your  Tumblr account. Then search on Google typing Tumblr tagged “your niche”. Here replace “your niche” with your blogs keywords like Beauty blog.  You will find many Tumblr posts that have been tagged with your niche.

Scroll down that page and find out the posts that have the most amount of sharings and likes. Below every post you will see   “X amount of notes” meaning that post have been shared and liked that many times. When you click on that note, you will see who have liked and shared the post. These are the people I want to follow for my blog. So, I just need to hit the follow button and I’ll be following them. When you follow these people, they will follow you back. You need to do this regularly for a month  until  you follow 5000 people. Then you will have thousands of niche related followers following your blog. And remember these people have shared others post many a times, so they are going to share your post as well.

Step 3

After you have thousands of followers  on Tumblr, it’s time to take it further by posting niche related images from your account.  So I will just go to pinterest  or reddit and find my niche related images and then post it from my Tumblr account. To get others visit my blog, I will type some additional lines   below the image and enter my blog address.  Tumblr also has a scheduling feature on the right side arrow of the post button. Just hit “add to queue” and it’s done.  If you do this posting regularly, you are going to have thousands of thousands niche related followers to your blog creating a flood of traffic.

This is how you make tons of free back links to your blog. It’s pretty easy and does n’t cost anything! You just need to spend little time for some days regularly and then it’s all automated. Every time you post some crazy stuff on Tumblr you get resharing by others.   That’s why I love Tumblr, It’s freaking awesome dear!


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