Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The blogging world has significantly changed over the last few years. The methods that we used  to reach people before stand no longer valid after sometime. It’s a constant process.

For example, back in 5 years, we were heavily dependent on Seo to reach more people on the web. People went crazy to come in the first page of Google. But now, Seo is dead! No matter how much you do on search engine optimization, there is no guarantee that you will get significant traffic. Social medias have become the new sources of traffic for the blogs. Surely the way of blogging has changed, but the fundamentals remain the same. You must provide the value to your audience and reach to them. You must be at your audiences’ service at any cost.

Here are some smarter tips to blog more effectively in 2014

1.      Is Your Blog a Unique One?

     The fact is, there are thousands of blogs out there and you are one of the owners of such kind of blog. Everyone has a blog this time. What’s your blog about? It may be on a common topic, but you can certainly work on that and improve the quality of it very easily. Invest more time to research on your blog’s post.  Just think about your audience’s need, what type of post they have never seen on the web? Can you produce that type of unique post day after day? Think about new services you can provide to your audience. Do you think that service will benefit your audience? Will it create a spark? Try to imagine differently, think out of the box. Make your blog a special one that attracts everyone.

2.      Do You Have a Good Story to Tell?

     I don’t know, whether you have noticed it or not, many of my posts have an initial story. I began my post telling something of my own life or stories of other bloggers. Why do you think I do that? Because it’s a good way to capture the attention of the audience at the very first moment. But not only capturing the attention is not enough, you need to create a good pillar post that will make your audience say “Awesome”. Telling stories is a great way to make your audience concentrated on a post for a long time. You must have your own successful stories to share with others.

3.     Your Audience Has More Knowledge, Can You Offer Them New Information? 

    Before visiting your blog, an audience might have read ten more blogs on the same niche. They know a lot and have been hearing the same advice from every blog. Do you have some new information to offer that the audiences have never heard of? Or you can share a new method that works pretty fine than the conventional methods? If you really want to make an impact, you must offer ideas that are sophisticated.

4.      Your Competitors Are Doing Fabulous Job! Are You Observing Them?

    Just don’t focus on your blog only. To gain more success , you must observe other bloggers on your niche. How they are offering to their audiences can be the new idea for you. You can invent new services for your audience by observing your competitors blog. Have a good relationship with them, share their contents. It’s not going to decrease your traffic at all. Keep connected with the blogosphere. There are no bindings for an audience.  He/she may read as many blogs as they want.

5.  The Quality of Content Is The Foremost Thing That Matters, Are You Providing It?

    I have said it many times and you might be tired of hearing this. You must produce quality pillar articles to grab the attention of your audience. The more pillar articles you have, the greater the chances to make success with your blog. Everything in the blogging world has changed in the last couple of years except this fundamental. It won’t change ever. Invest more time to create great pillar article that can provide value to your audience.

6.        Are You  On Every Media?

      Now audience expects every form of information available to them. No matter what it is you must provide it. Share posts with pictures that make it more explanatory. Attach video or audio where it is needed.  Don’t miss a single chance to contribute to the audience.

7.     Loyalty-Your Weapon Against All Odds

     Have you ever thought of that situation when you are feeling low and some people are making you feel comfortable? They are doing everything possible to make you happy. Who are these people? They are your parents, friends, relatives. They are loyal to you. You need same kind of loyal audiences to your blog who will do everything for you. No matter what happens, they will stick to you. At present, if you don’t create a loyal audience, there is nothing for you!

8.      The Number of Internet Users Has Increased Radically, How You Are Going to Reach Them?

There are endless ways to reach to your targeted audience. But you must decide which one you want to implement. May be you don’t know which one will work but you need to experiment with all the methods available to you to find out the most fruitful ones. Once you make it, that’s it. Keep the momentum. It will bring more success to you

9.      Conversation Is Important to Your Audience

     The blog readers wants to interact with the blog authors frequently. They want to share the feeling on every post. Are you ready to interact with them frequently? Can you satisfy them with the appropriate answer?  These questions matter to your audiences. If you can’t  provide them the time to have interactions, they won’t be loyal to you.


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