Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tired of using the seo techniques that result in nothing to drive traffic? It’s the condition of thousands of bloggers out there in blogosphere. Everyone is looking for a new way to drive immense traffic to their blog. Have you considered a facebook fan page? Yeah, a facebook fan page is one of the simplest but most powerful traffic source for your blog. Many bloggers have created a facebook fan page featuring themselves and their blogs. You might be thinking why you have to create a facebook fan page? Because it’s very easy to manage and interaction with your audience is spontaneous. 
You have the biggest chance to create loyal audience as the audience are active for most of the time. Whatever you post on your facebook fan page, will be shown on to the feeds of your audience. That means you get more chance to promote your blog than any other traffic source. If you are looking for a powerful yet simple traffic management system, creating a facebbok fan page is the appropriate option for you

Here are 6 awesome tips to drive massive traffic from a Facebook fan page
1. Make Your Pictures Talk!

I have seen some of the facebook fan pages with a huge number of likes ( like193K). How do they do that? After reading all of the posts, I found out that they have used clear, full size images in every post. May be you are thinking, it’s not a big deal, but it really matters. Images are really a powerfull way to communicate to others. When you use an expressing and persuading image alongside with  a quote, you are definitely going to have more attention. More attention results in more facebook engagement. And obviously, use full size image when you post. Try to upload the image directly; it will result in good quality.

 2. Create Persuading Short Posts to Get More Attention

 Your main intention is to drive the traffic to your blog. So you are required to make a persuading short posts that will make the audience click your link. It has been found that posts within 140 words are better convincing and people like to read those one. You have to consider your other audiences who use mobile apps of Facebook Just see the text and the image below. Doesn’t it look persuading?
3. Make Your Audience Talk

What’s the best way to interact with your audience? Simply, just ask questions, ask for their opinions and suggestions. As the Facebook page owner you have the opportunity to talk everytime, but it’s your responsibility to make others talk. This conversation will make your facebook fan page more interactive and popular. People always want to speak. They want to share their feelings. Offer them the opportunities on the page. If they want your permission to post something good, you should accept the request. When you give something to them, they will give you something on return, it’s natural!
 4. Quotes Express a Lot!

Sometimes, it’s better to post only a quote from your blog post. It  may prove as  one of the most powerful  traffic driving factor. Here, you are just  making your fans taste a portion of your post and telling them you have more to enjoy! People like to share quotes a lot. If you fans share your content on Facebook, you have greater chance to make people click on the post. So, find out the best lines from your post and create a facebook post with that. That’s it! If you wish, you can use an image.

 5. Never Use Direct Links to FB Posts

It looks odd when you post a huge link on the posts, people get annoyed with it. You don’t need to post links at all. Create a neat and clean post that attracts audience at first glance. See the below picture and you will have a good idea.
6. Use Video to make More Attention

Images are great way to communicate but posting a video gives the audience the essence of what your blog post is all about. You can use your own video or share something unique from video sharing sites. But always post short video that express a lot. Avoid posting boring and uninformative   ones


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