Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Bloggers are making money from the web. In fact, not only making money ; some of them became millionaires . It inspires us but do we really know all the things that these successful bloggers implemented? What are the things that made them stand out among thousands of bloggers in this competitive world of internet? Let’s find out those factors that worked for successful bloggers.

Before I go through the factors, here is a quick summary of how bloggers can make money from their blogs. There are three ways

1.   Advertising relevant ads on the blog

2.   Working as an affiliate programmer

3.   Selling  own services and products

You see, there is no other way bloggers can make money from the web. All the income sources fall into these three criteria.

But the fundamentals remain the same for everyone. If you have intention to earn from your blog, you must produce quality pillar contents regularly. If you have not  heard about pillar content , I advise you to read my article about pillar contents.

After you build a quality blog with loads of pillar contents, now it’s the time to experiment what monetize option is going to work for you. Keep it in mind that, not every monetization option works for every bloggers. It’s also depends on what type of blog you are running. You never know which one will work for you, that’s why you must experiment with each of the options available to you.

Advertising on your blog is the primary focus of every blogger. It’s quite easy . You will find many Advertising organizations on the web who want to use your blog’s space to advertise. In most of the cases, you will be paid for per clicks. The more clicks you can generate from your audience, the higher money you  can earn. Some prefer Google AdSense as it is one of the most trusted pay per click program on the web. There are other pay per click programs paying decent amount of click rates to the publishers.

You can sell other’s product on your blog as an affiliate marketer. You need to promote the products  to your audience and you will be paid  commission every time you make a sale for them. It’s quite easy and most of the successful bloggers have implemented this program from the beginning.

The last monetization option for bloggers is to sell their own services and products on their blogs. The services may be advising, writing guest posts, selling tutorials , ebooks, audios etc.  Those bloggers with a huge numbers of  audiences are earning massive from this. It’s real jump-off technique for successful bloggers.

But wait a minute , do you think that these monetization option will work for you?
Is the audience coming to your blog and finding value from you?  Are they satisfied with your service? Are they going to visit your blog again?

Try to answer these questions, don’t be illogical…be rational. Are you providing good services and quality information that will work as leverage to your blog?  Make your answer  “ yes” .

The Formula is Simple : Give Something, Take Something

All the successful bloggers had the same answer “Yes” to all those questions asked above. That’s why they have climbed to the pick of success. Those who failed could not provide value to their audience. You know, blogging world is a two way street. If you don’t provide me with something of value, I won’t  provide you anything. It’s a give and take policy. In fact, it’s the old principle of business. The business place have changed, but the policy did not. The rules are still the same.  If you want something from anyone, first provide them value that they are looking for.

Satisfied Audience is The Only Key to Your Successful Blogging Career

No matter how much you spend on your blog’s appearance, on Seo and other things; I assure you nothing is going to work for you unless you satisfy your audience.  Your key to success is your audience. So, audience is the king.

You can read the story of the successful bloggers, they have one thing in common. They created satisfied audiences, later  thses satisfied aidiences turned into loyal ones. Once they became loyal to you, you don’t need to think for anything. They will do the rest for you. They will click your ads, buy products from your referral,  purchase your own products and service. You don’t need to to anything, just relax!

 After you build up a large number of loyal audience you can experiment with any of the methods of monetization. You can even mix  those options together to have superior result. Every thing will  work for you as long as your audience is  satisfied with you.


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