Hello friends, this is Sonia....:). I own 2createblogs.blogspot.com. I  truly enjoy blogging and it has turned out to be an amazing profession for me. I have started blogging couple of years back. To my surprise, it has completely changed my life. 

It feels great when you learn something and share that with others in order to teach them. My blog is all about sharing and teaching. I share what I have learned from my experience in my blogging journey.

How I Started

It was never a pre-planned decision to start blogging. I was a college student when I first saw my friend reading a blog. I did not even know what it means by the word "Blog". It made me curious. I searched it in the search engines and found the amazing world of blogging. It fascinated me so much that I could not stop myself entering  into this world.

I started to read others’ blogs, gathered information, learned unique techniques about blogging and joined various courses online.

Then I started writing for others’ blogs as a guest. I was paid for each article I wrote for them. After sometime, I launched my own blogging site. And here it is......!!!

What 2createblogs.blogspot.com Will Provide You?

My blog is all about sharing and teaching my learning’s I have gained over the years.
I will help you learn how you can create a blog, promote that successfully and finally monetize that.

I would like to help you in your blogging journey. You can contact with me using Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus...You can also chat with me when I am online. Please feel free to ask any question regarding blogging.

Looking forward to hear from you.  :)


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