Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The great thing about blog is it is very easy to build, readily accessible and  quite inexpensive. It’s different than static websites that are  costly, time consuming to maintain.  This days everybody owns a blog because of the advantages that blog provides. Blogs are easy and dynamic. As you start of your blogging journey, you will find  typical “experts” who will declare themselves as professional blogger  and  will say that they possess the ability to teach you  how to be successful blogger (in any topic)  in X days!! New bloggers become a victim of this dirty business and start of their blog writing about anything.

New Bloggers Choose a Common Topic Cause They See Others Succeeding on that

The biggest mistake new bloggers make that they start of as a reporter rather than a trend setter. They try to report the things that are already in the web for a long time. Thousands of bloggers have already said those things earlier.  These new bloggers just collect the information from the web and report those on their own words. You will find thousands of blogs on search engine optimization, adsense .  New bloggers come to the blogging world and choose these topics beacause they can’t think of anything they are passionate about. They see other people becoming successful on these topics. So, they start of these common topics without knowing whether it would work for them or not.

The problem is when you don’t have traffic for your own blog, how are you going to tell others about search engine optimization? You can’t make money with adsense and you are teaching how to make money with adsesne!  You don’t  have credibility  to your audience.Does it really make  any sense? Sorry dear, for the rough words, but I must present the reality. People won’t find anything unique on your blog. As a result you will not have loyal audience and enough traffic. Your blog won’t stand out in the long run!

Think for a Second, Why Did You You Choose Your topic?

So, the main problem is you chose the wrong topic and just paraphrasing the things that have been written by the successful bloggers long ago. So, I advise all  new struggling bloggers to rethink about their blog topic. Just think, why you chose the topic? Did you choose that thinking “Oh, there are many successful bloggers on this niche; they have done it, so why can’t I write on this topic?”  Yeah, of course you can do that dear, but you must remember things that worked for those successful bloggers might not work for you. And they succeeded not only for the topic they chose but also for other reasons. They did many things, experimented a lot and then succeeded; these things might not happen to you!

Rethink about Your Topic Selection! Choose a Passionate One

Be passionate about the topic you choose. Choose a topic that you really care about and you can share tons of unique information to your audience. Your audience will love to hear from you again and again. Just don’t merely select a topic because it is easy or others are writing on it or you can just paraphrase it. Don’t do that. 

I would love to see someone starting a blog on Bonsai. You know there are thousands of different types of bonsai that people have not heard before. Tell them what you know about bonsai, what you can share with your audience. Give them tons of unique information about that topic.  There are other people out there who would like to know about Bonsai. They would love to connect with you and your blog. Plus, you will have a lot of fun because this is the topic you are truly engaged with. You will be creative, energize because you have lot of things to write about.

Believe me, it won’t take time to create massive group of followers to your blog. Your blog will be a home of unique information and visitors will rush to your every now and then. And remember one thing, when you are passionate, are having enjoying what you write about, the traffic comes naturally. You don’t really need to think about that. When you have good traffic source, your monetize options never end.


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