Saturday, March 8, 2014

I was introduced to reddit by an strange young boy on youtube. I saw his video appearing on the sidebar of youtube, I thought what the hell does the boy know about link building? And what is he referring called reddit? It made me curious. I said; let’s see what this crazy boy wants to say!
That video on getting massive link through reddit changed the traffic statistics of my blog suddenly. I was getting huge traffic only from submitting my content’s link on reddit. Reddit is simply an awesome platform for getting tons of traffic for free.

So, What’s Reddit?
Reddit was introduced in 2005 as a social sharing site where you can share valuable links to others.  The typical name is composed of two different words. One is “Read” and another is “It”. Once you register in reddit you will be able to submit links and other redditors will vote for you links. If they like your link they can up vote for you and in the case of dislike, they will down vote your link. Most voted links go to the front page of reddit and gets flood of links to their site. Even if you don’t get on the top of reddit, there are many subreddits, from which you can have massive traffic to your blog. Redditors can also comment about the content.
According to  the traffic stat of 2013 reddit had 46 billion pageviews! Just imagine how strong traffic source reddit is. Don’t you want your blog to be a part of it?

Before you sign up to reddit
I know you are pretty excited to sign up for reddit and get instant traffic for your blog. But wait my friend. There are couple of things you need to know about reddit. Otherwise it would very difficult for you to get your desired traffic. Here are ouple of things you need to know about reddit
Up and Down Votes Facts
On the left side of the your submitted link , you will find up and down symbols. If someone likes your link, he/she will hit the up arrow and someone dislikes , he/she can hit the down arrow. The more like, the more point you get. Point is called Karma on reddit. If your links are down voted you lose karma. Voting is also abled for comments as well

There are almost every sub section of reddit which are subreddits. If you don’t find suitable section for your link , subreddits will help you to find that. Choose the subreddit, and post your link to that section

Reddit  Ban
If anyone spams on reddit, the reddit authority silently bans that account. If you are banned, you can submit new links, you will see “submitted” but others will not see your links. That means can no longer be active on reddit. This type of banning is called stealth ban. So, spammers, be alert. Reddit is too smarter than you!
So, here is how we get tons of traffic from reddit

Signing  Up

Go to Reddit. Com.  Create an account. It’s so easy and won’t take time. Just click register. Enter name, email, password and that’s it. You are done!

Start submitting content links

The next thing you need to do is submitting content links on subreddits. But wait a minute. Most of the people mess up here. At the beginning never submit your own blog content first. Why? Because you need to build some trust first. You need to get some good amount of karma. Otherwise your account can be banned from reddit. So, start posting content links from other blog’s. Get some karma. Then  submit your own content links

Never Spam

Reddit is very strict on spamming. It has automated spamming filter that allows it to catch the spammers very quickly. So, how much you try to spam, you can’t succeed. Before you submit you link on reddit, read the rules on the side carefully. If you don’t abide by the rules,it will be considered as spamming.

Make your Content link on the front page

The more up vote you gather, the more chance you have to see your links on the first page of reddit. Reddit gives value to the newer contents. If you can collect quick up votes, you can rank very quickly. But remember, if you get down votes frequently, it won’t really help you to rank . So, try to be active when someone likes your content link and comments you. Give a reply to that comment. Other’s will be inspired by this. They will also comment on your link. This is just adding value to your link. Do this way, it won’t be hard to get on the top of reddit.

Title of the content does matter, dear brother and sister!

The title of the content link is the most essential part to the redditors. So, try to give a compelling, curious type of headline to the link so that redditors will feel forced to read your content. Of course, the content  should be good as well otherwise you will get down votes.

Timing is the Key

You also need to know the correct time when you will submit you links to reddit. When most of the redditors are active, you have to submit then. It will bring more exposure to your content link and help you get more up votes.

Never be frustrated!

After you join reddit, you may find typical situations where you will think reddit is not working for you. You may be frustrated. But, it won’t last my dear! After sometime, you will realize things are working for you slowly and you just need to do right thing at right time in a proper manner. That’s it! 


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