Thursday, January 2, 2014

Surely, I’m not in this blogging business for a long time, but in my blogging journey I have come cross many people who can’t succeed in their blogging career.

A lot of people try to start blogging every day, most of them fail, and some succeed. Those who fail try different things with their blogs; most of the cases they don’t know what are they doing and why. As a professional blogging expert, I know why things don’t work for them.

  A couple of years ago, I was a novice in this blogging profession. I did not know how to do all these things. I searched “how to blog” in Google many a times. I read, gathered knowledge, implemented what I learned, got amazing result with my blog, now I earn a great amount of money from my blog as my blogging career becomes more and more successful.

I did not have the intention of making money when I started blogging. I did not even try to be a professional blogger. I just loved blogging, sensed that it attracts me, that’s the only thing needed to be successful in this business. Yes, you can also do it! If you follow my footsteps

 You will find a right and a wrong way of doing everything; most of the cases beginners choose a wrong way to start their blogging career. Eventually that makes a devastating end of their blogs. Here is a list of some common mistakes that can prevent you from becoming a successful blogger.

   1)  Having a focus on money making rather than passion, ruins your     blogging career at the very beginning

  People love to join in those things where they find a community, where people share their passions; they would love to meet new people with new ideas on a same interest.

When you blog for your passion it reflects that you love it, you want to share your innovative ideas with others, you invite others to join you, it’s so genuine. People love this kind of attitude, rather than a fake attitude having an intention of only making money.

  Those who blog for making money, don’t care for others. They would simply give some traditional information that everyone knows. If they don’t care for their audience, why would audience come to their blog again and again? There is no reason at all!

The magic formula is very simple…..Love blogging, love your audience….they will love you!!!

   2)    If you are too much worried about “keywords”…..You are just wasting your time!

At the start of blogging career people become too much worried about their rankings. They want to come on the top of Google’s first page. So, they emphasize heavily on keywords. Of course, targeted keywords can bring traffic to your blog, but do you really know which keyword will work and which won’t work?  Take my words, the words that you have chosen as your targeted keywords, might not be ones that would work for you.

A lot of people said me that they work on specific keywords, but are not getting desired traffic. I ask them, do you even know if these words would work for or not?
  Without knowing much, they waste their time that does not result at all. I would simply tell you to right informative, great posts that will serve your audience’s interests, don’t think about keywords. If you are writing with passion, believe me, keywords will come generally, you don’t need to worry at all.

3)    No to invest enough time to your blog will make your dreams fade too fast!

  I know people don’t have the same economic situation, but everyone wants to have some extra money in their pocket. But are we really ready for that? When you start blogging, you need to invest enough time and fulfill the basic requirement for your blog.

 Your blog calls for quality articles, but you don’t want to invest time to do that. Your audiences want your participation in the blog’s comment section, but you don’t have enough time due to your busy schedule. Your blog requires new innovative features, but you are too lazy to think for that.

 These are some examples how people ruins their blogging career by not giving importance to their blog’s performance and audience. So, don’t take this lightly, its difficult I know, but you just need to invest good amount of time that makes your blog’s performance better.

4)  Considering blogging as a “Get rich quick” plan is the most common mistake prevailing

To start blogging, it does not take time at all. Anyone has the capability to start a blog; you don’t need to be a genius to at all. I can assure you that i am not a genius person still i have succeeded in this business. Lots of people who enter in this business tend to think blogging as a get rich quick scheme.  By setting and running up a blog, they think that it will prove to be a profitable business for them. They consider their blog as a money printing machine where they can print as much money as they want.

But the reality is different, it takes time to be successful, you need to be patient, work hard for couple of months, wait and then you get the real achievement you are looking for.
 Just think like this way, you have opened a guitar shop in a location where there are more than 100 guitar shops available. You are new in this business. Will people come to you from the time when you just open your shop? No, they won’t. You need to wait, show your quality products that you have for them, you need to treat them well, work for them, think for them, provide good service to them, and then people would start coming to your shop again and again. It takes time, my friend; you need to be prepared for this time. Don’t make haste, it can ruin everything!

  5)  Good appearance your blog is needed, But spending too much time on it deviates you    from your goal

I remember those days when i started blogging, I did not have a good appearance for my blog, but still audiences were coming in a great number.

I did not have to do anything except writing quality articles. That was the thing my audiences were looking for. I served them well, they were satisfied. In this way, I created loyal audiences who fetch more and more audiences for my blog. I did not have to spend much time on the blog’s appearance. Why? Just take an example

   You have a guitar shop where people go for buying guitars not to see how your shop look likes. If you serve them with awesome guitars, they will come to your shop again and tell others about your shop. They won’t consider how your shop looks. They just want quality guitars that serve them well. I am not saying that good appearance is not needed; of course, you can improve your appearance. But don’t spend too much time on it. Don’t make it your priority, your priority is to serve your audience and fulfill their demands.


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