Friday, January 3, 2014

It was a very special day for me when I first started my blog. There was only one loyal audience of my blog at the very beginning, it was me. Gradually the situation started to change, audiences started to visit my pages at a great number. As a result my blog became very popular within a few days. Not everyone can attract audiences at the very beginning. It requires certain actions to be performed at a regular basis. I was pretty lucky to read many newsletters on how to boost up traffic at beginning level. I learned some awesome techniques there. Those techniques worked for me, hope it would work for you as well.
Here I present my 10 awesome techniques that beginners can try to increase their audience number. These are tips so powerful that you will get instant results.
I have made the list on descending order. It would create enough momentum for you blog’s traffic as you pass by each one of the tips mentioned here. When you create this momentum you will have a daily 500 visitors. Then you don’t need to work hard, just post new articles, and serve the best interest of you audience. Your blog will run like an automated machine!
My 10 Awesome Traffic Tips for New Bloggers
10. Pillar Articles!! Create Great Pillar Articles
Before I proceed, do you really know what a pillar article is? It is a tutorial based articles written for teaching you audience something that they don’t know. Pillar articles have some special features that distinguish from other posts. It attracts the audience’s at the first sight, makes audiences read the articles. A pillar article consists of more than 550 words. It provides a good number of tips which are very easily feasible. It also provides many suggestions about certain topic. This article that I have written for you is an example of a pillar article. Pillar articles has the ability to create instant attention, it  provides long term value for audience. So, the more you write pillar articles, the better result for your blog you will get
9. Try to Post One Article Everyday 
 You can’t pillar articles every day; it’s not possible I know. But you need to keep your audiences satisfied every day. For this, you are required to write at least one post per day. I would create a good impression for your new blog. Audience will have a positive attitude when they will find your blog being updated every day. Eventually, they will come back frequently to read some fresh posts every time they visit your you can create many loyal audiences for your blog .It will make your audience bookmark your blog. In this way you can create many loyal audiences for your blog
You need to write a post everyday but that does not mean you  have to do it for a long time. Do this for getting the momentum, when you get enough traffic, you can slow it down. Your loyal audiences won’t mind that. But always you need to keep your blog updated with fresh articles. May be you can produce 3-4 articles in a week when you have more than 2000 visitors a day. But your blog needs to be updated very frequently, remember that!
8. Use a Proper Domain Name
 Are you really serious about blogging? Then you should consider using an appropriate domain name .If you want people to know about your blog, you must set an easy domain name, not a difficult one I have seen people talking about good blogs but can’t say the name of the blogs properly. It’s because the name of the blogs are so uncommon and difficult that the audiences can’t remember the names for a long time. So, try to pick an easy one for your blog and spread that, you will have a good result.
7.  Make a Habit of Commenting on Same Niche Blogs
You will find plenty of blogs on your niche where you can comment about the post. These comments are great ways to spread your blog. People will know your blogs name and it will create an incoming link for your blog. When you comment on others blog try to find out the same niche, it will attract more and more audiences to your blog.
When you comment be careful, don’t create spam. Provide valuable comment that can help improve the blog’s post and make it better resource for others. Use your real name and then post your link properly.

6. Create One or Two Way Link to Other Blog Post. 
It’s a good technique that I used to do when I was a beginner. I wrote articles and linked to other blogger’s posts. It creates a one way link and gets the attention of other bloggers. It makes you more familiar with different bloggers and helps you share knowledge and expertise on the same niche. I would also create more loyal audiences for your blog .Don’t forget to try this one, it works pretty well indeed.
5. Make Your Blog Comment Section More Interactive
 The best way to create loyal audience is to show them you care for them a lot. You can show this in the commenting section of your blog. Ask them to provide valuable suggestions, ask them what type of posts they want to see in future. When you ask them for their desire things, they consider you as a well-wisher. They will give you suggestions, ask question to you. Try to provide good answers to their questions. Never forget to leave any question unanswered, when you give value to others, you also get value from others.
4. Use Blog Carnival To Have Free Traffic to Your Blog. 
Do you know what a blog carnival is? if you don’t know, here is a little summary of that.It’s a collection of specific posts collected from different bloggers.This blog carnival presents some of the bests featured posts on a specific topic.It would not create a huge audience number for you but you will enjoy free traffic if your post gets noticed.
To know more about blog carnival, I would like you to  go to Carnival of the Cats . All your confusions will come to end. If you want to see a list of blog carnival, lets have a look on Carnival Submit Form.
3. Blog Submission to Top Submission Sites.It won’t crate a spike in your audience number but the thing it does is, it creates a momentum for your blog’s traffic.Gradually, it would make your traffic more permanent. when you go to Blog Top Sites,  you have to look for right category so that you can submit. You need to do couple of steps to submit the blog properly. After that no need to do anything else. Just relax and see how the traffic comes to your blog. It won;t be huge but over the passage of time you will get a strong traffic for your blog.
2. Try to Submit Your Blog 
Another great way to have free traffic to your blog.To be  frank, it will help you a little but still it has potential traffic power.Keep submitting your pillar articles to  Ezine Articles in every week. When you do that , people will republish your pillar posts to their blogs. It can also be re-posted on different newsletters. It makes your article flowing, you never know how many people would read that republished posts!!
There is an interesting thing in this article submission site named “Resource Box” . You have to create this box.This box will work for you. If anyone wishes to publish your post on his/her blog, they have to include this box.Just think like this way, if anyone having a huge follower publishes your post, you can get a flood of new visitors to your blog !!!
1.           Pillar Articles, The Secret of Your Blog’s Traffic. These 9 points will work for you certainly, it would create a strong traffic system for your blog. But believe me, it would not last for long if you don’t produce quality pillar articles in a regular basis. Pillar articles are the secret formula of every blogger who have succeeded in this profession. Pillar articles make their blogs alive and interactive for along time.It creates the thrust for more in audience’s mind.If you can’t produce it regularly, audiences won’t be loyal to you. Remember, it’s a business. Where you give service and receive something of value in return. Pillar articles are the boosters in this profession!! try to produce it at least one pillar article once a week when your blog becomes don’t need to look back, I guarantee...
I hope these traffic tips will help you boost up your audience number. These things worked for me , I hope it would work for you as well. But you must remember that these things are conditional, you must work hard on writing quality articles and your determination must be solid. Don’t give up too easily, wait for result, don’t loose your patience, you will be rewarded my friend!!


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