Monday, January 6, 2014

It’s a long time since I heard the concept of “Pillar Article”. People also like to call it as “Pillar Content“. This pillar content is a real game changing factor for your blog’s success. That’s why,  its importance is immense when you build up your blogging community.
It’s an ideal example of how great blog contents should be. Bloggers understand this concept and many of them are producing really good pillar contents at present. People love to read pillar contents, for this reason thousands of pillar contents are being created every day.
For your benefit, I am describing the concept of pillar content briefly
What’s a Pillar Content?
Pillar content is an article that teaches audiences something that they don’t know. It may take the form of tutorial based content. Many a times the headline of pillar content starts with “How to”. The headline grasps the attention when anyone reads the article for the first time. The headlines can also start with “Why”, asking a question, giving an opinion. The introduction describes subject and gives valuable information of its importance.
The body of pillar content is presented in a list where different steps of a process is described in detailed.

So, What is the benefit of pillar articles?
A pillar article is truly effective in this crowded world of blogging. There are some special features that makes it unique and stand out among others. These are

·     People share pillar contents extensively using various social networking sites like Facebook

·     Pillar contents are son influencing that other blogs make reference to your contents  
  and sometimes link to your blog creating a free traffic for you.

·      It becomes popular in a short amount of time, people speak about your content and refer it to others. As a result your blog enjoys a flood of traffic while you don’t do anything for SEO

·         More traffic to your blog results in higher rank, your blog becomes a profitable medium to advertisers

Pillar content will provide your blog with many benefits but the most important of these is traffic. It will create a huge rush of visitors initially. Eventually the traffic will be organic and long term. It will be in search results in different engines and also get traffic from other places.
How You Can Great Pillar Articles in This Crowded World of Blogging
I have made a list of techniques that you can use while you create a pillar content for your audience
1.   Use The “How To” Formula to Teach Something New to Your Audience

Suppose you know how to succeed with a blog. You know the full process, so try to write an article with that headline. Audiences will surely want to read your post because they also want to know that procedure, they also want to succeed with their blog. You are giving their desired information, so they will obviously read that article. This is the main formula, understand the desire of your audience, they will surely going to be loyal to you.

Advanced “How to” Formula

The “how to” formula is very effective one. You can also add some special features to this formula. It will create more attention to your post. For example, the traditional How to formula will be like this “How to Start blogging”, but you can add up something more attractive to this sentence like this “How to start blogging - Step by step guide for the beginners”. The second one will surely drive the attention better. So, if you take my point try the second advanced formula, you will definitely have a better result.

2.   Define a Definition of Something New That Others May Not Know

The definition is very effective in our market place where you know something and others don’t know. So your job is to explain them what does it mean. When people learn a new thing they feel enthusiastic. They become grateful to that person who has taught them that thing. This is your opportunity. Grab this; make loyal audiences who will visit your site frequently because you are teaching something new to them every time they visit. For example, you may understand what page rank is. But many people don’t even know about it. So teach them what it is. Explain them with examples. Believe me; they will come back to you to learn something new again and again.

3.   Use List to Draw  Attention of Your Audience

Giving a list to create a pillar content is always my favorite one. It has the power to draw attention of audience at quick time. May be a person who is reading your blog is tired, so he wants to know about the topic very quickly. Those lists are going to work for you. It always works. For example, you can write “Top 10 ways to make people love your blog”, or “10 things you must implement to your blog”. When anyone will see this kind of article describing the process in lists, they feel interested in that topic. That’s why it is so popular and attractive. So, I recommend you to use a list to your post, it will have a great result

4.   Use Multimedia ( Image, Audio and Video) to Explain and Put More Emphasize

People tend to learn things differently, some prefer reading only text, and some prefer audio, video or image to learn something new. You need to fulfill the different desire of your audience. So produce some article with different multimedia that will create more and more interest to the content, it will be more enjoyable. You will find I have different types of article in my blog. Some contain images, some video; even I have used some cartoons in some of the article. So if you can produce article like I have done, you can surely succeed with your blog

5.   Try to Write a Pillar Content Everyday

The last thing that I want to share with you is publishing a pillar article everyday day. I know, it sounds difficult, but believe me, you can’t imagine how important it is for your blog. The search engines really love fresh contents. The more you produce fresh pillar contents, the more benefit you get from the search engines. Your audience will visit your site every day because you are teaching them something new every time they visit your blog. It keeps them interested. But remember one thing, never publish other’s content. No matter how much you try, Google will find that and will deal a death blow to your site

That’s it friends, let me know if you have any question and suggestion how you can create a pillar  more effectively. Share with me, what kind of post you expect from me in the future. If you find this valuable, please share it in the social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus , Pinterest and let your friends know about it. So, best of luck with you pillar content!


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